Banker and Woman Talking in a GSB Branch

Introducing Aspire Checking from GSB and BankOn

December 09, 2022

GSB introduces Aspire Checking, a BankOn certified checking account created to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank account. With this new account, launching in January of 2023, GSB aims to help those that are unbanked or underbanked in our community. This may include people without a checking or savings account who may be forced to use check cashing services, versus benefiting from true community banking relationship.

We understand the difficulties many members of our community face, when they are driven to expensive alternative financial services, including check cashers, payday lenders and pawn shops that charge high fees for financial services. Without a viable checking account, families wind up paying too much for basic financial transactions and are hard pressed to build savings and assets.

At GSB, we understand the importance of creating a basic transaction account product because of the benefits to those that need it most. Those benefits including cost savings, asset building, safety and financial stability. With these benefits in mind, we created Aspire checking, a low-cost account developed for those in need of a safe and affordable way to do their banking.


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