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January 23, 2024

GSB is committed to working hard to deliver a better banking experience to local Connecticut residents. Beginning January 25th, one more way we’re doing this is by improving how you view and access electronic documents through online and mobile banking for personal and business financial accounts.

Now, you’ll be able to view your electronic documents for all your financial accounts, including all statements, documents, and notices, right from the main Dashboard. You’ll also enjoy greater flexibility and control, as you can choose to see all documents in one place, or to narrow down your selection by viewing documents at the individual account level.

3 Things to Remember:

  1. After logging into your online/mobile banking account, click DOCUMENTS right from the main Dashboard to see all your documents all in one place.
    Documents Icon for Mobile Banking
  2. You may be presented with the Electronic Documents service agreement. If so, you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions to access electronic statements.
    Online banking statement agreement disclosure
  3. All your current electronic document selections will be presented in a streamlined manner with the ability to filter by your preferences.
    Online Banking statements

Need to make changes to your electronic document preferences or email address?

Simply click on one of your individual accounts from the main Dashboard > Settings > Documents > Advanced Settings

Questions? Contact us at (800) 730-6603 | Email: [email protected]