GSB 2022 Annual Report

With national headlines about “bank failures, liquidations, and government interventions,” our ongoing message — and the theme of this annual report — are more relevant than ever.

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This past year at GSB, we set many aggressive goals, and by working together we have made tremendous progress to be poised to welcome the arrival of our 150-year milestone in the near future. To that end, we felt it was only right that we let others tell the story as to why we are “My GSB” to their company, organization, or families.

You can watch their stories unfold below - and to view our full Annual Report, including financials for GSB and Grey Ledge Advisors, click the button below.

My GSB: Columbus House

Watch as Catherine Dituri, Development Director, talks about how two decades of GSB support have left a lasting impression on all those associated with Columbus House.

My GSB: Saybrook Home

For a busy entrepreneur in a competitive industry, GSB met many needs for Keith Bolles, President of Saybrook Home. Watch as Keith discusses GSB’s relationship with Saybrook Home.

My GSB: Christine Beirne

Christine Beirne, Chief Talent and Culture Officer, talks about how GSB appreciates values and culture, focuses on employee growth, and empowering a client-first approach to every day and every operation.

My GSB: Dave Finnerty

Chief Operating Officer Dave Finnerty reveals how GSB as an organization is looking at the needs of its clients, both present and future, developing products and services to meet those needs.

My GSB: Tony Lyons

HOPE Partnership Board President Tony Lyons reflects on what stands out about GSB, and how we’re helping to shape affordable housing in CT.

My GSB: Karla Lindquist

Executive Director of HOPE Partnership Karla Lindquist talks about how GSB has been a supportive partner throughout the years, dedicating employee time, providing financial contributions, and through lending.

My GSB: Bryan Mierzejewski

As 1st VP, Network and Security Manager, Bryan’s goal is to provide the tools and technology that our employees and customers need for the best possible experiences — “every day and in all ways.”

My GSB: Tina Holden

Tina Holden, Marketing Coordinator at GSB, is excited about GSB’s digital expansion and how it will enhance the client experience – as well as how her career will grow with it.

Every day, we’re on a mission to be the only .bank you’ll ever need.