EasySwitch Kit: Better Banking Guide

As a local bank, we’re aware of all the banking changes happening right now. Many Connecticut banks are closing branches, being gobbled up by out-of-state institutions, or not treating you, your business, or your money the way you deserve. That’s why we invite you to switch to GSB, a bank that will actually work for you. Switching is easy with our EasySwitch Kit!

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Benefits of Switching to GSB

Bank Local Icon

You Bank Local

You deserve a bank that’s going to serve you and your interest—which is exactly what GSB does. For more than 145 years, we have combined local roots and local people with innovative digital banking solutions to better serve the community.

Local Bank Offers Big Bank Features

You Get Big Bank Features

We pride ourselves on being a local bank that offers the bells and whistles the big banks have. You get those finance-changing features right in your own backyard.

Truly Personal Banking Services Icon

You Truly Get The “Personal” In Personal Banking

Banking is a personal thing, which is why GSB offers the best customer service around. Whether you’re looking for banking answers, or need guidance through the loan process, our attentive and expert staff is ready to help you bank on your terms.

Documents to Download

Full Easyswitch Kit

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automatic payment change authorization

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Request to close former account

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Direct deposit change authorization

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automatic transaction checklist

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